How to Control a Robot Arm with Gestures over the Internet of Things

If you don’t want to achieve limits in controlling robots, this project lets you know how to control a robot arm over the Internet. The robot arm is a prototype developed by The Veloz Group and shared on the hackster forum.

The OWI kit is a cheap robotic arm with 5 degrees of freedom and a price of $49.04. It’s a simple kit to build applications that require multiple movements and functions. The robotic arm features three motors. In this project, the motors are controlled by two L298N dual full-bridge motor drivers and a 9V power supply.

The OWI robotic arm uses the gestures captured from the user to pick and place different objects. The gestures of the user are interpreted as commands and communicated over the Internet. The user uses two accelerometers like joysticks to send commands to the robot.

Using the Internet to send commands to a robot creates a large range for a controller. In other words, you can control through a reliable Internet connection the robot from any place in the world.

Once the Internet is everywhere, controlling things becomes a routine used in a wide range of applications including industrial automation and dangerous environments.

Check the ‘Internet Controlled Move and Pick using Robotic Arm’ project on hackster.


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