Insanely autoCut Robot Lawn Mower

If you still use an antique gas lawn mower to cut the lawn while making a lot of noise, it might be time to build your own homemade robotic lawn mower.

The autoCut is a robotic lawn mower that loyalty ensure the grass in your garden with the attributes of a Raspberry Pi and power supplied by LiPo batteries. Now there’s no excuse for letting the robot to have a complete operation for at least one hour of battery life while you got it under your remote control. The plans included a system based on a map, so that the robot doesn’t use the same path several times.

In the project is included a battery charging station and four ultrasonic position systems useful for navigation and positioning. The robot is permanently connected to a WiFi network connection and all the operations are available through a web interface.

For many more details and learn how to build this DIY lawn mower check this link.

autoCut – robot lawn mower

Overview of the whole system

See the robot in action:
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