It’s Fun to See What Makers Did With The 4WD Plastic Kits. No 5 is Awesome.

Do you want to know what makers did with the simplest and cheapest 4WD robot platforms? Now, you probably read the best post about the most original projects with platforms on four wheels.

Capable or not to negotiating rough terrain, a 4WD plastic kit is probably the simplest way to start working with all-wheel drive platforms capable of providing power to all wheel ends simultaneously.

Almost all the 4WD chassis targeting hobbyist market are cheap and versatile. The platforms are designed with numerous holes and mounting points to attach additional components.

Let’s take a look at the applications as well as some examples of how the DIY community uses the wheeled kits.

1. Weed Picking Robot


3. Simple multi-mode 4wd Rover JR-001

4. How To Make an Obstacle Avoiding Arduino Robot! “My Robot V1”

5. Arduino Smart car

6. Robot driven by PS3 controller through Arduino and Wifi shield

7. My tele-operation Robot, Generation one

8. Arduino Rover(Final name TBD)

9. Wireless Arduino Robot Uing RF Modules

10. 4WD Arduino Sonar and IR Robot Test Run

11. Robot Android con Kit Pan/Tilt

12. Rover

13. 4WD Arduino Sonar and IR Robot 2 Test Run

14. Arduino 4wd robot with ping sensor “J-Bot”

15. Android controlled Car part 2. Arduino + l293d robot car + ainol aurora 2 board with ubuntu linux

Here you can find the best and varied 4WD robot kits.


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