It’s Fun to See What Makers Did With The Wild Thumper 6-Wheel Platforms. No 7 is Awesome.

You don’t have to use what others used before. You can create from scratch your customized 6WD platform for all-terrain applications. Nevertheless, after you see what makers did with the wild thumper 6-wheel platforms, you will think twice before you get your hands on your pliers and roll up the sleeves.

The Wild Thumper 6-Wheel is a platform designed to run on uneven terrain. The 6 wheels allow a great traction over almost all terrain types and go over larger obstacles. There are several “Wild Thumper” platforms with prices ranging between $450 and $900.

The frame of the platform has lots of room for batteries, actuators, sensors, controllers and other stuff. It’s fully customizable and makes great base stock for a heavy–duty robot.

Here are the projects based on the Wild Thumper 6-Wheel platforms.

1. Wild Thumper 6WD demo video

2. All-Terrain GPS Robot

3. DAGU Wild Thumper 6 WD

4. Wild Thumper 6WD Black + TREX controller + Bluetooth + BTCA2A

5. Dagu All-wheel terrain 6wd robot platform JSR-6WD robot chassis

6. Wild Thumper 6WD demo video stairs

7. Dagu Wild Thumper 6WD with custom boom, led

8. SplatBot MkIII – Fire fighting Wild Thumper!!

9. Controlling a Robot From Anywhere

10. Rafinho

11. Hector Lightweight UGV based on Wild Thumper chassis

12. Enviromentally Friendly Wild Thumper

13. medibot


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