KTR-X1: A Vehicle on Eight Wheels for Wild Missions

This project is too much interesting to pass over it and don’t share with you. Why? Because it is made of two sections, uses eight wheels, move on extreme terrains, uses a hydraulic steering system, and weight around 140 Kg.

KTR-X1 is an 8×8 vehicle engineered to perform simple tasks such as carry in very difficult terrain. The robot claims to keep an excellent grip on all eight wheels regardless terrain conditions and the obstacles. Steering with eight wheels is much like steering with a tank. Joining two independent sections was the solution to move on almost any terrain.

The robot uses a massive steel frame and has a 90cm width, 192 cm long, and 68cm height. The clearance is around 27cm.

Big wheels require high torque motors. The robot feature four motors 24V / 450W each (nominal power) with 123 RPM and controlled by a Sabertooth 2x32A controller.

It is hard to work only on batteries since it’s working on uneven terrain and far away from home. And because it works in wild areas, the vehicle uses as a charging system a 200c combustion engine plus an OHV 28V 55A alternator.


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