Kudao SM5 TH: An Arduino Mobile Platform for Video Surveillance and Autonomous Applications

In front of the abundance of mobile platforms for sale, we take a look around and select fresh and high-quality tracked platform kits and present them to you in a compact overview. Every release keeps you engaged and helps the makers and hackers to learn and build experimental mobile robots.

A new valuable kit is Kudao SM5 TH, a mobile robotic platform released by the Kudao Company. Currently, the tank platform kit for Arduino is priced on Amazon at $266.99. The Kudao tank kit contains the chassis, components, parts, and software needed to make it work.

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Behind The Design

Smart mobile robots are hard to design and expensive to build. However, it’s getting even harder to build a custom mobile robot with HD camera and wireless connection.

  • On design:
    Kudao SM5 TH features an extra large stainless steel chassis driven by two fast tank treads that can get you through some rough terrain.Two powerful 12V DC gear motors steer five pairs of driven wheels so that the platform deal with slopes on a 57-degree gradient.
  • On electronics:
    An Arduino UNO R3 is the brain that make the things works. A range of sensors allows the robot to avoid obstacles, track objects and send a video stream in real time at the 720p resolution. The robot communicates with a PC or a smart device via a WiFi module.
  • On controlling:
    It should be easy to control the Kudao SM5 TH robot. You need a PC, an Android or iOS smartphone, and application to control the platform wirelessly.


There are multiple smart robot platforms that are showing interest for the Arduino hobbyists. Kudao SM5 TH is a suitable platform for users who wants to develop autonomously or video surveillance applications, or for anyone who’s trying to deal with wireless communication and real-time video streaming.

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Last But Not Least

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