Learn To Build a Wheeled Robot That Follow a Given Route

You can control a robot remotely, or you can build one that can follow a course autonomously. The Instructables user lawsonkeith shows us how to build a wheeled bot that accept movement commands and then perform them.

The designer uses for navigation a 6 DOF IMU sensor. Without combining the IMU sensor with other technologies has advantages and disadvantages in navigation. First of all the system is simple, isn’t expensive and can be integrated easier in almost any robot platform. The biggest disadvantage is that you don’t know how far your robot is moving.

Since the robot navigates autonomously around rooms, it was equipped with an IR sensor to detect the obstacles.

The robot has attached an L9110 (US $4.73) motor controller to control the two motors and an Arduino Pro Mini to control the robot.

The user uses an analog touch pad with five buttons to give command inputs to the robot.

Arduino & MPU-6050 IMU controlled Bee Bot / Big Trak clone | Instructables


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