LiDAR-Lite V2 + ATmega328P: Your Robot Can be Oriented in Space with High Precision

Your robot can be oriented in space with high precision. You have to use a LiDAR-Lite V2 and an ATmega328P microcontroller, which can be from an Arduino board. In a Hackster tutorial, one of the makers shows us how to use the LiDAR sensor to have a complete orientation in 3D space.

What means a complete orientation? You measure the roll, pitch, heading and the distance. All these four measurements will make your robot more precise in navigation and capable of understanding the environment where it works.IMG_1247_opt

The combination between the LiDAR-Lite sensor and the ATmega328P microcontroller is handy and allows you to build an autonomous rover capable of scanning everything with an accuracy of 25 millimeters at distances from zero to more than 40 meters.


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