Linorobot: ROS Robot for Autonomous Navigation

The superpower of a robot come from its flexible architecture that allows developers to customize and upgrade the hardware parts and software as well. However, there are tons of platforms that provide us a workable system, but there is still plenty room for autonomous platforms with Lidar systems attached to them.

In this article, I’ll explore the features of a new platform for autonomous navigation called Linorobot. The platform is open-source, uses Lidar for mapping the environment, and is designed to provide a low-cost platform for the ROS framework for writing robot software.

Key Specifications

The Linorobot’s primary audiences are the students, developers, and researchers who’re trying to build autonomous robots at an affordable price.

The project comes with a series of tutorials to learn how to assemble the robot and run the ROS software on it.

  • On Design: Linorobot is based on an accessible two-wheeled platform with enough space for a Lidar sensor, electronics, and batteries.
  • On hardware: Linorobot was built as an affordable platform so anyone can build it at home. The main hardware are as follows:
    • XV-11 Lidar
    • Radxa Rock Pro
    • Teensy 3.1 Board
    • GY-85 IMU
    • L298N Motor Driver
  • On Software: The mobile platform is powered by ROS (Robot Operating System). With ROS, you can build your own autonomous robot by creating 2D maps of the environment using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), as well as applied the basics of robot development with ROS.

ROS Autonomous Navigation – Linorobot

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