Magician-X: A Small Robot Arm Kit for Arduino Hobbyists

A robot arm is one of the most mathematically complex robots that you could build at home. One of the roles of a robotic arm kit is to make your work easier, more pleasant, and, of course, more fruitful. A robot arm such as Magician-X is available to make your work easier and more enjoyable.

In an Instructables guide, the maker_studio user introduces you to the concept of robotic arms using the Magician-X robot arm of Dobot. The Magician-X is an arm kit with all the parts you need to build a small robot arm. It is so small that it can be placed right on your desktop to interact with it. And because it’s a versatile mechanical arm, you can control it in different ways.

You can also attach the robotic arm to a mobile platform for multifunctional applications.

The body of the arm is made from aluminum metal frame panels, and the brain is an Arduino board. The Magician-X claims to have a high precision in movement and positioning with an error of only 0.02mm.

What does mean multiple controls? Magician-X is designed to support up to seven methods of control including a simple mouse, mobile device application, voice control, gesture control, leap motion, EGG and visual identity.


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