Make your Raspberry Pi B+ more personal with different style cases

Now with one new single board computer in the mix, the Raspberry Pi users have to choose between wood cases to stylish and distinct plastic cases. The world of cases and accessories of Raspberry Pi B+ just keeps growing.

So passing over all the noise, I explore the best Pi B+ cases to help you protect the minicomputer.

Every one of these cases was picked based on user review that have bought and used the cases.

GeauxRobot: Transparent stackable case with open sides to dissipate the heat better than any enclosed case

FlexPi: The wood case smells good and does not fail to impress with its attractive design

FlexPi wood case

SmartiPi: A Raspberry Pi B+ case for LEGO fans designed with LEGO and GoPro capabilities

SmartiPi Lego style case

The Bel-Aire: This is the first Pi B+ case with legs

Bel-Aire case with legs

Case / Box / Enclosure: This is a high quality Acrylic case with a transparent body and access to all ports

This is the case, box, or enclosure for Pi B Plus

Rainbow Pibow: If you love the colors, your B+ minicomputer can be covered in a colorful case

Rainbow Pibow for color lovers

PITFT Pibow: This case has a special design to let you have access to a TFT touch screen and optional switches

The Pi case with TFT screen

JBtek: This case is perfect if you intend to keep your Raspberry Pi cool

The case with cooling fan

Pi Borg Plus: If you’re looking to have a high design for your minicomputer, the Pi Borg Plus is good enough to have a stylish and distinct Pi board

A work of art

NWAZET: It looks like a toy, but it is designed for a unique look and change the personality of your Pi

Transform the Pi in a toy

duinoCase-B+: With a military look, the case is strong enough to resists impact and scratching

The military case

Do-It-Yourself Cases for Raspberry Pi B+

With simple tools and a 3D printer anyone can build at home a custom case for Pi model B+. Below, I explore five free designs that can be replicated at home.

Face Case: This is the happiest Pi B+ case that can be replicated at home with plastic materials and a 3D printer

Smile with the face case

Skeleton: A simple and easy to print case

Simple as a skeleton

PiKase: A homemade case with access to orbit camera, GPIO cap, and several other ports

PiKase plastic case

PiGRRL: If you love classic games, this is the best case to reproduce the Gameboy video game device

Transform the Pi B+ into a Gameboy video game device

The Punnet: This is how to build your Pi B+ case from colored cardboards

Build your favorite colored case


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