Metallic Robot Platform with Tracks for Arduino Makers

Using metal instead plastic, wood or any other materials with solid structure have advantages and disadvantages.

A stainless steel chassis weight more and costs more. And these are the two big disadvantages when someone chooses metal instead any other materials. But the same metallic chassis has a higher load, can be used in very difficult working conditions, are very resistant to shocks, resistant to high temperatures, and more. There are just a few of the conditions that makes the metal one of my preferable material to build outdoor robots.

The SainSmart platform reached the second edition and now present much more capabilities than the first version. It’s an Arduino compatible platform on tracks that weighs 1.15 kilograms and has a maximum load of 8 kilograms.

The platform features two 12V DC motors able to drive the platform on different terrains. Each motor has a rotation rate of 266 RPM and a rated torque of 760 gf/cm.

About the price, the second version of the SainSmart’s ALL Metal Robot is more expensive. It cost $115.99 compared with the previous version that has a price of $95.99.

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