Moon One: A 3D-Printed 6WD All-Terrain Rover with Camera and a Robot Arm

Michael Larkin imagined and printed a 6WD rover able to explore a backyard as well as a rough terrain. Firstly, he concentrates on the platform and then added a camera and a printed robot arm. With all these technologies, the robot is ready to use in the real world to spy, pick up and carry items from place to place.

Once the designer decided what type of motor and gears will use in the project, he designs the chassis around them. The result is an extremely fast platform with each wheel driven by its individual electric motor. To roll over just about any terrain, each wheel has attached durable air-driven shock absorber.

If you like the idea, share your thoughts what other features you would like to add in the comments below. Who knows, someone might just like your idea and run it on a new project.

See the Moon One robot in action:

MOON ONE (((Cheburashka))) via The Moon One 3D Printable All-Terrain RC Rover is Wall-E’s Russian Cousin


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