More Creative and Ingenious 3D Printed Mobile Robots

The 3D printed robots could be creative, an inspirational resource, gorgeous and sometimes hilarious. Recently, we’ve posted an overview of 5 Free and Fresh 3D Printed Robots on Wheels. However, there is more to showcase. And these 3D printed robots are definitely worth a look. Now it’s time for something fresh, original and creative. Let’s take a look at some more creative and inspirational 3D printed robots for your personal experience.

Tracked robot for indoor use with a variety of places for sensors such as microphone, light, thermal camera, video camera, compass, GPS, IR distance, and sonar.

Mini Loki – Omnidirectional robotic platform
This omnidirectional robotic platform consists of three different printed parts: tire, body, and top. The triangular body hosts the electronics and sensors.

Bobwi – Cheap, easy to print, walking and dancing robot.
Bobwi is a walking and dancing robot build from five different printed designs. The head of the robot has provided two holes for an ultrasonic sensor.

Kame: 8DOF small quadruped robot
Kame is a 3D printed quadruped robot built with nine different printed designs. Eight Turnigy TGY-306G-HV servos control the legs while an Arduino board controls the servos.

MobBob V2 Remix – Smart Phone Controlled Robot
Up to 25 different parts for this cute walking robot.

Deca – a walkerbot
23 different part designs to make Deca walk.

This printed hexapod hosts 18 SG90 servos, electronics and sensors.

This quadruped has a futuristic design, abilities to climb rough surfaces and walk in many interesting ways. Its design is divided into three different pieces: the body, the middle joint, and the lower leg.

HEXRO – 12-servo-motors hexapod robot
HEXRO has a skittish design and a printed body divided into nine different pieces for printing. All the parts are driven by twelve cheap 9G servo motors.

Jaeger MK1 & Robotic Beer Carrier
One mobile platform with one beer support.

ProtoTank is good for a lot more than just driving around and making some noise. Its modular platform is built from 26 different components and can host a large variety of accessories.

B-robot EVO
This adorable self-balancing robot has a design divided into 12 different parts.

Arduped 2
Arduped 2 is a walking robot built with four different designs. Its body hosts servo motors, electronics and sensors.

ROBO-K is a printed platform for indoor as well outdoor driving. It chassis features four wide arms attached to wheels.

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