MR3: A 4WD Mobile Robot with Built-in WiFi and Driven by 4 High-Torque Stepper Motors – Into Robotics

The MR3 is a platform for research and development in surveillance. Its top feature is the high-torque driven system. Each wheel has attached a stepper motor with up to 18 Kg-cm of torque at low speed. In other words, the platform comes with enough power to lift itself on a wall or climb a steep slope slowly without any vibration.

The whole platform weight 9 lbs including the aluminum chassis, mechanics and electronics components.

Inside the chassis is a Wi-Fi USB adapter that allows you to control the robot remotely. A Phidgets PhidgetSBC3 single board computer is powerful enough to control all the electronics and components of the robot. The platform has attached two PhidgetStepper Bipolar HC to control the position, velocity, and acceleration of the bipolar stepper motors, and a 3-axis Compass/Gyroscope/Accelerometer sensor to determine the orientation of the platform.


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