New Motor Controller for 2 Brushed DC Motors – Into Robotics

Actobotics released a new dual motor controller designed for brushed DC motors. The price is $89.99 if you choose the unassembled board and $99.99 for the assembled board.

The board has 4 selectable modes:

  1. Digital Speed Control Mode (RC Mode) – motor’s speed and direction are controlled with digital PWM signal
  2. Analog Speed Control Mode – motor’s speed and direction are controlled by analog voltage
  3. Split Mode – once channel operates for position control while the other channel operates for digital speed control
  4. Position Control Mode (Servo Mode) – in this mode the controller can be used as a servo controller

These are some features:

  • Power Input: 4.8 – 16 Volts
  • Continuous Current: 10A
  • Peak Current: 30A


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