New Single Board Computer: NanoPi2

NanoPi2 were released on the market. Before playing with it in a project, read here the most interesting seven features of the board.

    1. It has a 1.4G Hz Samsung S5P4418 Quad Core Cortex-A9 processor with 1GB DDR3 memory;
    2. It is an open source project with open source boot-loader, kernel, and file systems;
    3. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi and NanoPi. NanoPi2 comes with the same 40 pin GPIO pin header;
    4. It has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth modules;
    5. You can run on it Android or Debian;


  1. It’s smaller than the Pi 2. NanoPi2 has 75 mm length and 40 mm width;
  2. You can have it for a price of $32;


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