New: Wheeled Robot Kits, Humanoid Robot, Hexapod Kits, Modules, Servos and More

Do you want to find what’s new in robotics this week? Here are the newest chassis, wheeled robot kits, modules and components to build robots.


DAGU 4WD Thumper Mobile Platform | Price: US $218.30

Lynxmotion Aluminum A4WD1 Rover Kit | Price: US $271.40

Warden Robot Kit | Price: US $199.99

Scout Robot Kit | Price: US $169.99

Arduino DIY Tank Robot Kit NX22001 | Price: US $699.00

Lynxmotion Tri-Track Chassis Kit | Price: US $295.00

Robotis DARWIN-MINI Humanoid Robot | Price: US $790.60

Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod | Price: US $306.80

Lynxmotion CH3-R Hexapod Robot Kit With BotBoarduino | Price: US $1,180.00

Lynxmotion Hexapod MAH3-R Combo Kit With BotBoarduino | Price: US $1,770.00

Lynxmotion AH2 Hexapod Robot Kit | Price: US $472.00

37-in-1 Sensors Kit for Arduino – Black + Multi-Color | Price: US $27.95

Boards and Modules

WiFi CC3200 Development Board | Price: US $29.99

WiFi Mini CC3200 Development Board | Price: US $29.99

Particle Photon | Price: US $19.00

Unassembled Dual Servo Driver | Price: US $29.99

TL494 Frequency / Duty Ration Adjustable PWM Controller | Price: US $3.68

Motors and Servos

Gear Drive Pan Kit | Price: US $79.99

MG996R Metal Gear Digital Torque Servo MG996 RC for Helicopter Boat Car | Price: US $10.99


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