OpenPilot CC3D Revolution Revo with 10 DOF

The OpenPilot CC3D platform could be integrated better in autopilot controllers. This can be proved with a new autopilot board that integrates the OpenPilot CC3D platform with 10 degrees of freedom called Revo. On the market are available several versions of the open-source OpenPilot copter control platform. This platform is designed as a single board controller to stabilizing a plane, a quadcopter and a helicopter.

Even the module is engineered for flying drones, the OpenPilot CC3D controller is very useful for mobile robots. With this little board, you can build a robot able to navigate autonomous, a self-balancing robot, and more.

The Revo version comes with some improvements compared with older versions.
OpenPilot CC3D Revolution Revo is equipped with an STM32F4 microcontroller that features a hardware floating point unit ( FPU ) and arithmetics on digital signal processor DSP functions to minimize resources.

Another interesting function is a real time hardware calendar that lets your robot wake up at a specific time and drive around.

Counting the degrees of freedom, the module has a total of 10DOF. It has built-in gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and pressure sensors. The settings and software are loaded via USB connector.

On Amazon, the OpenPilot CC3D Revolution Revo price is around $46.85.


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