OUR-Mobile: 4WD Mobile Platform for Specific Tasks

Smokie Robotics announced the latest mobile platform for mobile manipulation: OUR-Mobile. The platform is designed to meet your expectation in autonomous navigation and manipulation.

OUR-Mobile is a flexible solution for object manipulation. The robot arm attached to the platform creates a robot that is capable of targeting specific tasks in factories and research area.

The platform features four wheels, sensors and actuators. Two motors control each wheel: one motor control the direction of the wheel, and another one drive the wheel.

The wheeled platform could be optionally equipped with various sensors such as IMU, Laser radar, and trinocular vision, etc. All these sensors allow the mobile platform to navigate anonymously, create maps of the environment, recognize objects dynamically, track objects and more.

On the upper side of the platform is attached an electric arm with various possibilities of tools to handle objects or complex tasks.

Thanks to an aluminum alloy, the platform weight 45 Kg (88.2 lb.) and can handle a payload of 50 Kg (110.2 lb.). Also, it can reach a speed of 40cm/s.

List price $ 25,000.


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