10+ awesome Raspberry Pi 2 robots. No. 5 is the best.

If you have a Raspberry Pi 2, what do you use it for? It seems a light question, but the answer could take hundreds of lines.This fruit-named comput …

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One robot kit and two applications: line follower and obstacle detection

This robot kit can be programmed to follow a line or to detect and avoid obstacles

All-Terrain Robots

LiDAR-Lite V2 + ATmega328P: Your Robot Can be Oriented in Space with High Precision

Your robot can be oriented in space with high precision. You have to use a LiDAR-Lite V2 and an ATmega328P microcontroller, which can be from an Arduino …


11 DIY hexapod robots

After getting some level of electronics and programming skills using different controllers, any maker decides to build something different. Something more interesting than a simple …

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July, 2021

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The INternet of Things!


Google Project Tango: Behind the position and orientation of a smartphone and a tablet

An overview of Google Project Tango in robotics with examples and how the smartphone and tablet works to track and see the world in 3D


How to Control a Robot Arm with Gestures over the Internet of Things



Intel Edison how-to guide for Mac, Linux or Windows users

This is how to do the initial setup for Intel Edison if you’re a Mac, Linux or Windows user



Robotics Simulation Softwares With 3D Modeling and Programming Support

In general terms, simulation is a process to develop a virtual model capable of emulating the real-world process. Applied in robotics, the simulation process is …


SainSmart’s V3 Metal Robot Tracks Development Platform for Arduino

SainSmart V3 is a new metal robot tracks development platform for Arduino. The kit is priced $109.99 and can host a wide range of sensors, actuators and more.


This Video Shows How Easy Is to Control A Robot with The Raspberry Pi Internet of Things Framework

The Internet of Things is a new concept aimed to connect and control the things over the Int …