10+ awesome Raspberry Pi 2 robots. No. 5 is the best.

If you have a Raspberry Pi 2, what do you use it for? It seems a light question, but the answer could take hundreds of lines.This fruit-named comput …

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All-Terrain Robots

NEW: Drones, Internet of Things Starter Kit, Off-Road Chassis, ODROID-C1+, and More

Do you want to find what’s new in robotics this week? Here are the newest drones, controllers, robot kits, sensors, modules and components to build ro …


Tutorials and Resources to Control Stepper Motor With Arduino Board

Controlling stepper motors with an Arduino board promise to be an easier task, and in the following, you can find a series of tutorials aiming to introd …

Giving Life To Everyday Objects

Printoo: Giving Life to Everyday Objects ROBOTS By Into Robotics Guest This is a guest contribution from Antonio Moreira. We believe that Printed Electronics technologies …

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July, 2021

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The INternet of Things!


Intel Edison: Putting it All Together

The Intel Edison computing platform is available in stores starting at a price around

All-Terrain Robots

Keenon Robot Offers 22% Discount For The Iron Man-3 4Wd All-Terrain Chassis For Arduino – Into Robotics

The Iron Man-3 4Wd chassis for the Arduino is now on sale on Amazon at a price of $237.99 + $9.99 shipping. The list price is $305.99, so you save an amount of $68.00 (22%).



A Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your Social Quadruped

Building a legged robot can be a pain in the ass. Luckily, I found this step-by-step guide w …


Best Tutorials and Examples to Start Working with Beaglebone Black

The BeagleBone Black is one of the most exciting embedded platforms in automation and robotics, and is a serious competitor for the well-known R …


Remote Control Robots Using Android Mobile Devices – How To Tutorials And Resources – Into Robotics

First were the computers, meanwhile the smartphones and tablets are becoming all-in-one devices with useful features like communication, maps, a …