We definitely need new technologies for robot mapping and navigation. Preferably are cheaper technologies for hobbyists and educational communities.

The Rhoeby Dynamics company claims to release on the market “the smallest, lightest, lowest-cost 2D LiDAR device.” It is called simple and intuitive: R2D LiDAR.

About its dimensions, I’m pretty sure that with its sizes of 75 mm height and 45 mm width, the device fits in many projects. At a weight of no more than 125 g, R2D LiDAR is absolutely lightweight.

The price is not available for anyone. If you want to know the price, you have to make a request to the staff.

This ranging sensor is a good sensing piece for applications in mapping, navigation and obstacle avoidance.
The specifications include a configurable scan rate between 1 and 5 Hz, scan range of 360 degrees between 5 meters and 14 meters, and an angular resolution of ~ 1.0 degree with maximum 0.36 degrees at 1 Hz scan rate.

The device has a range accuracy of +/- 5 – 10 cm.

The module comes with the ROS driver for rapid prototyping.

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