RageBridge 2: I Want This Dual-Channel DC Motor Controller in Late October 2015 – Into Robotics

I have at least four reasons to use this robust dual-channel DC motor controller for my all-terrain robot project that I plan to build some time in the future.

  1. The motor controller can supply 50 amps per side continuously with an input range between 8 and 40 volts. These features make the controller a precious resource for a wide range of different systems.
  2. RageBridge 2 is a dual H-bridge motor driver engineered to control up to two DC brush motors independently. The controller comes with a switching topology called “synchronous rectification.” With this control method, the motor is always being alternately powered and then braked.
  3. Related to the point 2 – the “synchronous rectification” control decreases the heat in both motor and power MOSFETs.
  4. RageBridge 2 comes with an architecture that allows bidirectional current flow. This means that the battery supply gets recharged when the motor is undergoing braking.

On the Indiegogo platform, one piece of this DC motor controller comes with a price of $199, which is quite expensive. Since it has as target the hobbyist and educational market, I hope to see it at a good price. And yes, the controller is planned to be delivered in late October 2015.




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