Rover S5: an autonomous outdoor patrol robot

Whether you’re in a park, work in a solar farm or construction site, you have a close encounter with security guards. But they weren’t human security guards.

California-based SMP ROBOTICS SYSTEMS CORP. has designed a 110Kg (242 lbs) autonomous robot called the S5 to ensure public safety.

Rover S5 boasts an array of cameras, sensors, and alarms to ensure the security task. Fortunately, the human civilization is safety; it is not equipped with weapons or any other firearms.

The S5 is described as an “autonomous” robot with a range of 30 Km (16 miles) and a maximum speed in the daytime of 10 Km (6 miles).

On the inside, the S5 machines have a unique navigation control system designed in-house by SMP. Besides the control system, the robot features a computer vision system with three video cameras. Each camera performs a specific task. The first video camera detects obstacles and creates a 3D map. The second camera detects the road while the third system provides autonomous off-road navigation using computer vision algorithms.

The robot is designed for outdoor patrolling and automatically scans and secures a determined perimeter. It stops at a pre-selected position and detects any object or people within a maximum range of 50 meters (164-foot).

The robot can also work in a team. Depending on the area size, the S5 guardian can be involved in a group of interconnected robots.

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