SainSmart’s V3 Metal Robot Tracks Development Platform for Arduino

One of the most popular metal chassis for prototyping robots is the SainSmart’s robot tracks development platform for Arduino. Every release comes with new features and lets you add a wide range of components and parts for autonomous or remote controlled robot on tracks.

In this article, I’ll explore the features (what can be explored) of the third version of the SainSmart’s ALL Metal Robot Tracks FPV platform. The price of the new platform is $109.99, a little bit higher than the previous two versions.

The first and biggest difference between the metal robot platform versions is the triangular tracks. If the first version of it is designed with triangular tracks, the second version comes with default tank track design. For the third version, the manufacturer comes back to the triangular track design for a high ground clearance.

The details about the performance of the two DC motors don’t exist. What exactly we can know is the weight of the motor, which is 102 grams and several other data of the output shaft and DC motor dimensions.

The top platform is a metal sheet with holes to attach sensors, actuators and development boards. Even if the platform is engineered for the Arduino board, it can host any other alternative to Arduino.

Passing over missing specifications, the third version of SainSmart’s ALL Metal Robot platform is a good deal for outdoor and indoor applications in robotics.

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(Image credits: Sainsmart)

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