Showcase of the Most Original Ideas Applied on Cheap 2WD Plastic Kits


Maybe you just started to think how to start building robots or you’re a hobbyist with a 2WD robot kit lost in the drawer. In all these cases and any other situation, you probably thought that you’re ready to see projects that truly inspires you and then start programming your wheeled kit to move randomly around a room, flashing a light, turning at walls, and more.

Since most of the 2WD wheeled platforms are budget platforms, you may wonder what other makers build with cheaper kits. In this article, I will disclose only the most original ideas applied on cheap 2WD plastic kits.

Before starting to explore the practical projects, I made a list with cheap programmable robot kits you could buy if you don’t have one:

Magician Chassis (Price:$29.95)

Ardokit Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Speed Encoder Battery Box For Arduino (Price: $13.99)

Emgreat Motor Robot Car Chassis Kit with Speed Encoder wheels and Battery Box (Price: $12.99)

Makerfire Arduino 2WD Motor Robot Car Chassis Kit (Price: $12.88)

The most original ideas applied on cheap 2WD robot kits

  • Water cannon arduino robot IR
    If you’re looking to build a fun project with a 2WD kit, this water cannon Arduino robot is a great idea. The designer uses a water pump and a flexible tube to build a mobile platform able to water your plants, make a fountain or waterfall.

  • Simple Line follower robot using a Actobotics Runt Rover Sprout
    The DIY roboticists show us many practical uses for a simple line follower robot. This is another fun project from where you can learn how to build from scratch a line follower robot. The robot works autonomously and has attached in front of it three infrared sensors for better results.

  • Ernesto – Arduino 2WD Robot + Android RC
    If you have an Android smartphone, this is the project that you can do over the weekend easily. Four ultrasonic sensors, an infrared sensor, an Arduino microcontroller, the L298N motor driver controller, and an Android device to remote control the robot using hand gestures such as tilting and rotating the hand.

  • Mapper Robot
    Do you want to build a mobile robot able to map your camera? This project reveals how to build not one, three robots capable of mapping an area. Each robot is controlled by a Raspberry Pi board and has attached a Pi compatible camera and a line laser.

  • Mapbot
    Some components are too expensive for the DIY community. Luckily, we can combine different technologies with almost the same results. In this project, Brian Kame shows us a project where he manages to implement SLAM with an Arduino MEGA2560 and a few cheap sensors, like IR or ultrasonic distance sensors.

  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot
    You should not miss this robot engineered to avoid obstacles. With an Arduino microcontroller, an ultrasonic sensor and a 2WD chassis with motors and wheels, RoyPeer shows us how to build this simple and cheap robot able to navigate autonomously.

  • S.O.A.R. (Scriptable Online Androidino Robot)
    S.O.A.R. is a mobile platform based on Arduino, Googlescripts and any Android device. The robot can work autonomously, or you can control it online via Googlescripts, spreadsheets, or other apps. Another interesting feature of this project is the cloud-based scripting language that lets you code without having physical access to the platform.

  • Arduinoid Mk I
    Arduinoid Mk I is an autonomous robot with an Android smartphone attached to it. It’s designed to travel around your house and avoid obstacles. The Android device is the brain of the robot while an Arduino UNO control the motors and sensors.

  • Homemade Cleanning Robot With Bluetooth
    This homemade robot could be your next cheapest version of the iRobot Roomba. This is not the perfect cleaning robot, but it’s what you need to start with a 2WD platform. You have to add some H-bridges, DC motors, a tonne of sensors and connect all of these with the Arduino UNO. In the end, a Windows Phone application will control via Bluetooth the robot.

  • Object following 2wd robot with HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
    This robot uses an ultrasonic sensor to scan around it till an object is detected. When the scanner detects an object, it follows the object wherever it goes.

  • Light Seeking Robot
    This robot loves any source of light. It uses four light transistors to turn forward or backward in the direction of the light source.

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