Something Fresh for Monday: Kobi, a 3-in-1 Robot Landscaper that Mows Lawns, Collects Leaves, and Snow Blows Driveways

The title sounds pompous, but the truth is that I’m no longer impressed by a long list of specifications without having any data on how it works. I want to see it in action.

Waelbers says you teach Kobi where to blow the snow and dump the leaves using the app. Kobi can throw the snow up to 40 feet, depending on the condition of the snow.

To make a short description of the robot, it has a base unit and three attachments: one to mow the lawn, another one to mulch leaves, and a snow blow tool for the winter. With these three tools, the robot covers almost all the seasons of a year. And this is good.

Waelbers says no tedious boundary wires are needed to keep Kobi from veering out of your yard or driveway. All you need to do is use the companion app to drive Kobi around the yard or driveway so it can learn the perimeter of those spaces and where any fixed obstacles are located. Kobi uses GPS and a suite of sensors to achieve inch-level positioning accuracy. Kobi also features WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile data connectivity.

The specs of DC motors? Just for my own curiosity.

Can it deal with slopes?

Safety sensors? This robot, like any other garden robots, has no toy instruments. It can produce damages, or even worst, it chases me around the yard without my permission. So, safety is a key point for such robots and should be very clear how the robot doesn’t hurt me and my dog.

The GPS accuracy? “Inch-level positioning accuracy” makes me think that I’ll have some uncut grass. For a perfectionist, this is not a great news. I’m still having to use my garden tools to have the perfect lawn.

Navigate without boundary wires. Great. But without wires, the accuracy will suffer.

Linked with weather forecast

I like the idea. The robot knows when to get outside to do some work without your help.

Kobi doesn’t have a price from what I know, and I am anxious to see the price list.

Meet Kobi via Meet Kobi, Your New All-Season Robot Landscaper

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