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In front of the abundance of robotics resources for sale, we take a look around and select fresh high-quality robotics kits and present them to you in a concentrated overview. Every release helps to make the DIY community a nicer place, makes learning fun and keeps you engaged.

A new valuable kit found is Spartan, a robotics base kit released by Modern Robotics few weeks ago. Currently, the kit is priced at $195.00 on the Modern Robotics website. The Spartan Robot Kit contains the tools, components, parts and software you needed to make it work.

With five sensor types, servos and motors, the kit is capable of a variety of tasks. The platform can host four servos, four motors, and up to 20 sensors. Once you have assembled the kit, you can use it to make a line following robot, a robot able to detect objects in certain colors, robot soccer, maze solving robot, and more.

Behind The Design. Behind The Idea.

The main goal behind the design was to release an affordable platform for education, and a kit to build a variety of robots and learn how to program them.

Into the hands of students and makers, the kit unlocks the power of the versatile MATRIX building system capable of completing endless challenges. The MATRIX building system allows you to add in different positions a variety of sensors placed to interact with the environment.

In order to prevent any damage to the components, Spartan has enclosed electronics. Better yet, the kit is packed with everything you could possibly need to build a functional robot.

The package include:

  • a Spartan controller
  • two optical distance sensors
  • a touch sensor
  • a program control button
  • two motors
  • two wheels with rubber tread
  • a caster wheel
  • a rechargeable battery with a battery charger
  • building components
  • tools to assemble the kit

The Arduino ecosystem is powerful and familiar to developers. From the software side, you have programming tools, libraries and the software needed to build an Arduino development environment for Spartan.

A Good Documentation Can Help You

The first time is always the hardest, but a good documentation ensures a pleasant user experience at all.

First and foremost, you need to have a getting started guide that explains the features and helps you start building things. And you have it on a card provided in the kit. Also, on the Modern Robotics’ website, you can find information about the tools, CAD files, building instructions and specifications.

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Last But Not Least

We are regularly looking for the most valuable robotics kits on the market. If you have plans to release a high-quality kit, please contact us at — we would like to support you on Into Robotics.

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