Take a Look at These Raspberry Pi Zero Kits and Accessories


The new Zero board from the Raspberry Pi Foundation costs just $5 (this is good) and seems to be very appreciated in USA and EUROPE (from where are the first sellers). Around 20,000 Pi Zeroes have been sold since the board were released. And the reasons are simple. It’s a Pi and has enough power to run Linux and applications such as Scratch and Minecraft (this is good).

But not all the buyers will spend only $5 to have a functional Raspbian computer. You have to use a micro USB + HDMI adapters, a micro USB power supply, a micro SD Card and a USB Ethernet adapter. So, the final price of your Raspberry Pi computer increased by tens of dollars (this is not so good). Taking into consideration all these accessories that you need to put the Zero board at work, here is how to spend some money on kits and accessories for Raspberry Pi Zero.

Zero Kits

Zero Case

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