The Best Raspberry Pi 3 Kits for Robotics

Using a robotic kit has the great advantage of having together all of the components you need to build a robot. Moreover, some kits allow the addition of new components or sensors, so using a single platform, you can build different robots.

Whether we are talking about remote controlled robots or autonomous robots, we need to connect to any of them. Raspberry Pi 3 brought a great advantage in the construction of robots – wireless connectivity. Controlling or programming the robot using the Internet or Bluetooth connectivity has become effortless.

In addition to wireless connectivity, let’s not forget that Pi 3 is a computer capable of running Linux distributions, algorithms and a set of useful frameworks such as ROS and OpenCV.

Below are the best kits compatible with Raspberry Pi 3. In addition, these kits can be used for a wide range of applications. From robots capable of detecting and avoiding obstacles using ultrasonic sensors or a webcam, to robot arms that can be programmed to grasp and move objects of different sizes. In addition, all of these kits can be controlled via the Internet or Bluetooth from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    • Pi2Go Fully Integrated Robot for Raspberry Pi

      Added on 22.05.2017
      This is a complete version of Pi2Go, a modular platform designed to make simple applications. From detecting objects with an infrared sensor to tracking a line or measuring distance with an ultrasonic sensor. All these applications can be made using Pi2Go.

      The basic price of the kit is £55.00. The price does not include the Raspberry Pi card or the SD memory card.

    • PiCar-S

      PiCar-S is a four-wheel kit compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2. The platform is not something new, it is a well-known four-wheel platform quite common in the hobby area. The kit does not include any of the two compatible boards. The sensors included in the kit can be used in various projects. From autonomous robot capable of detecting and avoiding obstacles, to line tracking robot.

      The kit price on Amazon is $119.99.

    • GoPiGo

      GoPiGo is a two-wheel mobile platform. The platform is compatible with most versions of Raspberry Pi, and of course Pi 3.

      Dexter Industries, the company that launched the platform, provides access to documentation, examples, and a number of APIs to develop applications.

      The kit does not include the Pi 3 board. All that is included in the package is the chassis, two motors, the motor controller and the power supply.

      The kit price on Amazon is $109.99.

    • AlphaBot

      AlphaBot is a GoPiGo-like robotic kit, but different in the sensors section. AlphaBot has attached a compatible Raspberry Pi 3 camera and a series of sensors for obstacle detection, speed measurement, or line tracking sensor. The camera uses a servo motor to move independently of the platform.

      The price on Amazon is $73.99.

    • Xiao R Geek

      Xiao R Geek is a kit from the GoPiGo and AlphaBot range, but the platform has four driven wheels. Such a kit is recommended for applications requiring greater stability and traction compared to two-wheel drive platforms. Two servo motors make the webcam attached to the chassis move vertically and horizontally, a benefit for applications that require high visibility.

      The kit includes all components including the Raspberry Pi 3 board and has a price of $299.

    • Three-wheeled Smart Car Kit

      This kit has an interesting feature for steering. The front wheels are powered by a servo motor that changes the wheel’s direction. This is just one of the important aspects. Equally important is the documentation that is not lacking and offers a whole series of examples. Of course, the focus is Raspberry Pi 3.

      The Pi 3 board is not included in the kit, and the price is $79.99.

    • DiddyBorg

      For a long time, any of the Raspberry Pi-compatible robotic kits has faded compared to the DiddyBorg platform. DiddyBorg is the largest and most powerful robot platform compatible with Raspberry Pi 3. Its powerful DC motors can push the robot on slopes up to 45%.

      The kit has a price of about 223EUR.

    • MeArm

      MeArm is a robotic arm designed as an educational tool for introduction to programming, electronics, engineering, and robotics. The kit comes with everything you need to put the robotic arm in motion. There is also documentation to control the robotic arm with any of the Raspberry Pi versions.

      The price is about 39EUR


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