The DIY Raspberry Pi Car That Works Semi-Autonomous

When it comes to building robots from scratch, some DIY projects aren’t worth the time and effort. You have to weigh the difficulty of the project with the cost of components and parts. The Hackster user Best shows us how to build a semi-autonomous Pi Car.

In the guide, Best uses a Raspberry Pi Model B, Raspberry Pi Camera, a 4-wheel Robot Smart Car Chassis Kits car, an L298N Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board Module, an ultrasonic sensor and several other components.

The idea of this project is to build a semi-autonomous wheeled robot with a camera stream accessible over the Internet. Of course, depending on how much free time you have and how much would you like to spend on this project, you can add new features and skills.

Check the link below for the full list of parts, and all the code you’ll need to put the pieces together. Pi Car is a great project whether you’re a newbie in Raspberry Pi or a practiced hand.

Pi Car | Hackster

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