The First 3 Projects with Raspberry Pi Zero in Robotics


We celebrate the new Raspberry Pi board with three fresh projects from robotics. The new Pi Zero is definitely a hit in the hobbyists area since the first 20,000 boards were sold out in the first 24 hours. This information is impressive even for a well-known prototyping board from the Pi family.

After a few days of Zero life, we discover some interesting projects in robotics. But this is just the beginning. We’re still waiting to see more distinguishes and innovative ideas to work with this Linux board.

Here are the first three projects with Pi Zero:

  1. PiZero controlling a PiBorg 4Borg robot
  2. Raspberry Pi Zero controlling Cam Jam EduKit from ThePiHut
  3. Raspberry_Pi trying out the Pi Zero in our humanoid robot the HROS1

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