The SainSmart’s Jr. Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot – Into Robotics

Having a personal robot friend extends far beyond the digital social lives that we live these days. In the age of smart robots, it meant nothing to play with a human-like robot without customizing the features based on your personal experience. From now on, the community of friendly humanoid robots has a new member called Jr. Alpha 1S.

The open hardware manufacturer SainSmart releases the Jr. Alpha 1S robot for entertainment. It’s a robot designed to learn and play with it like a pet or even as a friend.

Without flexible legs and arms, the robot cannot walk or move objects from place to place. In robotics, the hand and leg flexibility are given by servos. With 16 servos on legs and hands, the robot can move almost like a human, and if you insist with instructions, your robot can dance, move in kung fu style, or even replicate some yoga positions.

The robots from our days are smart, without any discussion, but not so smart to understand our feelings and preferences. All these details about our personality we have to communicate to the robot in one way or another. Our smartphones or PC’s are the best tools to communicate with this robot. Even you have an Android, iOS or a PC, turn on the Bluetooth 4.0 and send commands to the Jr. Alpha 1S.

Check below the list of specifications:

  • Qty of Servo : 16pcs (5×2 for legs & 3×2 for hands)
  • Material : Aluminum Alloy structure, ABS shell
  • Dimension : 418 x 198 x 109mm
  • Weight : 1.5kg
  • Power Supply : Output DC 9V 1A
  • Battery : 7.4v 1500mAH Lithium -battery
  • Control Method : Bluetooth 4.0
  • Processor : TM32-F103RDT6
  • Memory Capacity : 64K
  • Internal Storage : Maximum support 16G
  • System Function : By connecting to cell phone via Bluetooth
  • PC software : configure the flowchart, 3D visual debugging interface.

A humanoid robot is one of the most sophisticated robots which can be built. These robots are designed with high degrees of flexibility, require high processing power and a large variety of sensors, actuators, and parts. So all of these components come at a price that is usually high compared to other types of robots. The SainSmart company manages to drop the price of Jr. Alpha 1S to $599.00, which making it a strong competitor for Poppy, Darwin-OP, or NAO.



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