The T100 Smart Tank Chassis

Given the Christmas season, you may consider the T100 smart tank chassis as a gift for a roboticist. I’ve tried to look for more information about T100, and I’ve found two versions. The platform from banggood has a price of $55, and a more expensive version is on aliexpress with a price of $85.

Both chassis’s have the same dimensions 200 x 190 x 80 (L x W x H), but with a difference in the description of the material used to build the body. The expensive chassis has an aluminum alloy versus only aluminum for the cheaper version. I know that there are differences between aluminum alloy and only aluminum, but I’m not sure if they have used different materials to build the body or is just a short description of the material used.

The motor parameters are the same, with only just a few differences on how the features are named.

There is a price difference big enough to be the same version. So I tried to look more deeply at the specifications to find something different. The motors are the same. The dimensions are the same. The materials used are almost the same. So I’ve tried to focus more on the tank treads.

Well, there are some differences. The expensive version comes with metal tank tread wheels while the cheaper version comes with metal wheels only for the wheels attached to the motors.

As a conclusion, even if you choose the cheapest or the expensive version, the T100 smart tank chassis is a great platform for the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, UDOO, Banana Pi, pcDuino, …. makers.

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