This Tutorial Explains the Simplest Method for Building an Internet Controlled Robot with Arduino and Raspberry Pi


You may know how to use an Arduino microcontroller with a Raspberry Pi computer, but do you know the best and simplest way to connect these two platforms and build an Internet controlled video-streaming robot?

In this tutorial from Instructables, the designer RedPhantom (aka LiquidCrystalDisplay) gives some tips regarding electronics, programming, and how to build a wheeled robot platform. The robot is controlled in dual mode: manual or autonomous.

Here are some of the big tips:

  • How to make Arduino talks with the Raspberry Pi;
  • How to make Raspberry Pi talks to your computer;
  • How to drive around the robot controlled via WiFi network;
  • How to stream video live using a simple Raspberry Pi camera module;
  • How to use the Arduino microcontroller to read sensor data;

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