Tracked Robot Kit for High Maneuverability

Actobotics comes with a new approach regarding the tracked platforms. The new platform called Agent 390 comes with a smooth ball bearing system designed for high maneuverability and omnidirectional control.

Even the tracks have a smooth contact with the ground, the company claims to “offer fantastic traction and climbing ability.” The same aluminum material is used and gives the platform enough rigidity to carry over 50lbs (23Kg).

With a chassis that measure 18 inches width and 16.42 inches length, you have holes and large spaces to mount components and accessories.

The platform comes in two versions: with or without motors. If you choose the version with motors, the price is $389.99. At this price, you will play with two 313 RPM ball bearing heavy duty precision planetary motors. The motors have an operating voltage range between 6 and 12VDC and a maximum stall current of 20A.

The version without motors and mounts is cheaper and costs “only” $329.99.


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