Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a Surveillance Robot with This Smart Video Car Kit

SunFounder unveiled a mobile robot kit that can go almost anywhere while trying to watch video transmissions on your smart device. The kit is designed around the Raspberry Pi B+ board and the box contains the basic components and modules to start working and explore the electronics. A Raspberry Pi B+ is not included with the ‘Smart Video Car‘ kit but is available here.

The Pi Model B+ is a great platform for building real-time video applications. You may see the video on a Firefox or Chrome browser on any device. The wheeled platform is controllable from any PC that runs Linux. Also, you can control the direction of the car in any direction and the camera to turn vertically and horizontally.

The platform for real-time video comes with the essential parts to capture and transmit in real-time video images. By setting up the webcam and the Wi-Fi adapter with Raspberry Pi, you can have real-time video communication.

For this robot kit you have to pay almost $109.99

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