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Free Arduino tutorials always come in handy. Therefore, in most cases, it’s useful to think of free ‘how to with Arduino’ as a playground for your imagination. Whether you are looking for professional coding or engineering solutions — in all two cases you can learn a lot, you can apply them, and you can play with Arduino without reinventing the wheel all the time.Big data and the Internet of Things are two sides of the same coin. Every minute, we send millions of emails, upload thousands of photos on social networks and send thousands of tweets. By 2021, all these numbers will increase due to the amount of devices connected to the Internet. However, there are significant DIY projects that show us how to connect Arduino to the Internet, send/receive data and storage data.
Increasing the efficiency of data storage in the world of the Internet of Things and Big Data is not hard considering the free tools and software available for the DIY community. Using an Arduino board, sensors, and a MySQL database is the effortless and cheap solution for beginners and professional users as well to save Arduino sensor data into MySQL table.

The designer Surendhar Reddy shows us in a tutorial how to save sensor data into a MySQL table using the Arduino board and Python program.

Key pieces and software
  • Arduino Uno
  • Sensors (for example the TMP36 temperature sensor)
  • Arduino IDE
  • Python
  • phpMyAdmin to create Database and tables

Check the link below for the guide and all the code needed to logging Arduino sensor data into MySQL table using Python.

Logging Arduino sensor data into MySQL table using Python | Surendharreddy

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