Use the S4 Autonomous Mobile Robot When None of the Usual Bird Control Methods Work

When none of the manual methods for eliminating or deter pest birds from an airport, landing, roosting and nesting doesn’t work, the solution is to use robots.

The SMProbotics company releases S4, which is a mobile robot designed to “eliminate bird activity where it is unwelcome.”

The robot comes in three versions:

  1. the first solution is for large areas. The mobile robot comes equipped with a laser bird control equipment that produces a bright green spot sensitive for the bird’s eye.
  2. the second version generates a loud blast, which is a good solution to scares birds at a long distance. This robot is equipped with gas guns that work with propane. The disadvantage is that the propane tank requires regular filling for a continuous operation.
  3. the third version combines two technologies to generate a bio-acoustic scaring system that mimics a natural predator to scare away birds. The system combines a bio-acoustic and an ultrasonic system to produce the warning call. If the mobile robot is equipped with solar panels, the robot can work autonomously for several days.
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