Vitirover Solar Robot Used In Vines To Cuts Grass and Weeds – Into Robotics

The robots are used for a while in agriculture and in future the numbers of robots used in different agricultural fields will be increased. A French company designs a smart autonomous robot called Vitirover. The little robot uses the sun to power the electrical motors.

Since the vineyard is large it was a bad idea to store the energy into a battery and when the battery has lower power to return at base for recharging the battery. Using a solar panel this agricultural autonomous machine could work for a hundred hours without pause. It could cut the grass and weeds to within 2-to-3 cm of vine and has a speed that allows him to work 500 meters per hour.

For owner is important to not damage the vines and the sensors is equipped with sensors that keeps the grass cutting blades away from the vines. Vitirover could work on slopes of 15% and uses GPS coordinates for each parcel when the robot should work.

Vitirover Solar Robot At Work



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