Warden: Mobile Robot Platform to Explore Rugged Terrain

ServoCity has created a wheeled platform that can explore rugged terrain. Hobbyists and roboticists can build their own all-terrain robotic project on top of the chassis.

Warden is based on a robust platform designed for rapid prototyping and applications to meet your specific needs. They choose to build a wheeled platform to achieve great speed even when the robot performs tasks in a complex outdoor environment. Thankfully to a modular design, this customizable platform is easy to build and generally easier to control.

Behind the Design

Here are some insights about the components and development of the platform.

  • The body
    The body of the robot is built from ABS material and provides two access panels to a storage area. The storage area is large enough to accommodate batteries and electronics.About the dimensions of the platform, the body has 21.5 cm (8.5-inch) in length, 16.5 cm (6.5-inch) in width, and 6.3 cm (2.5-inch) in height.
  • The motors
    Each wheel of the platform is attached to a DC motor with a gear ratio of 62:1. Each electric motor has a rotational speed of 195 RPM and a rated load of 1.6 kgf-cm (22.2 Oz-in).The operating voltage of the DC motor is between 3 and 12VDC. It has a maximum stall current of 4.9A at 12VDC.
  • The tires
    The magic word is big. The wheeled platform has attached four wheels with a diameter of 10.9 cm (4.3-inch). These tires allow the rover to deal with rugged terrain.
  • Parts and accessories
    Three aluminum channels are mounted on the platform to attach a large variety of parts and accessories. Each aluminum channel comes with a large number of holes to mount sensors, cameras, and accessories.

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