Weekend Project Ideas: 20 Fresh DIY Robots

Sometimes it’s just amazing to see what some talented makers and hackers achieved in robotics using some basic components and parts. In fact, they deliver powerfully, innovative and functional DIY projects which are easy to replicate at home and nice to see in action.

Recently we’ve listed 25+ Fresh and Impressive DIY Robots. Now we’ve selected 20 fresh and impressive DIY robots for a generous weekend. Let’s take a look.

  1. This 3D printed mobile robot has an arm attached to it, an active vision system, and a web based monitor interface.

  2. An autonomous robot designed to detect and avoid obstacles in its path.
  3. This 3D printed robot can follow a line drawn on a piece of paper.

  4. A small human-like robot with two movable arms.

  5. A 4WD all-terrain robot with a camera and a cell phone so that it can go anywhere there’s 3G or 4G networking available.
  6. A 3D printed hexapod robot with 18DOF.

  7. A 4WD Raspberry Pi rover controlled by a NRF24L01+ transceiver.

  8. This is how to build a quadruped robot with acrylic frame and a GoPro attached to it.

  9. Another “how to” tutorial – how to built a Raspberry Pi controlled robot.
  10. A mobile robot engineered to follow a colored ball.

  11. This is how to build a minimalist replica of the BB-8 robot.

  12. Don’t throw your TV remote. Build this TV remote controlled Arduino car.
  13. This is one of the most impressive robots we’ve ever seen attempted with the Raspberry Pi and Lego.
  14. Robot Walabot.
  15. Hack your 4WD Off-road Robot Smart Car Kit and build an autonomous robot.

  16. With a 3D printer and some electronics skills, you can build this quadruped live streaming bot with Raspberry Pi.

  17. Step-by-step guide to build a WiFi remote control smart mobile robot with Wii Nunchuck controller.
  18. Bluetooth controlled RC vehicle.
  19. Only an Arduino delta robot.

  20. A project for beginners. This is how to build a mobile robot with Raspberry Pi and basic parts.

Last But Not Least

We are regularly looking for the most innovative DIY robots. If you build one of them, please contact us at office@intorobotics.com — we would like to support you on Into Robotics.

(Image credits: Hackster, Instructables, Hackaday, Letsmakerobots, Diyhacking, Gadgetexplained, Adafruit, Thingiverse)

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