WireBeings Kit Is the Easy-Build Chassis For Your Next Humanoid Robot – Into Robotics

Hankering to build a humanoid robot? I just saw the WireBeings chassis, and I had to share it with you.

What is WireBeings?

It is an open-source human-like robot chassis, a great tool for learning robotics, robotic programming and having fun doing it.

This project is based on a simple idea. They build a workable platform giving people the power to fashion their own human-like robots by expanding the platform with sensors, modules, actuators, etc.

Just add an Arduino or other controller and you have a fully functioning mini human-like robot! The open source code is currently available for Arduino here.

As long as you have a 3D printer at home, this chassis will take shape in dozens of hours of printing. If the printing process takes long hours of waiting, the good news is that the robot can be assembled in around 30 minutes.

If you already have a 3D printer, the total price of this robot is around $30. Yes, only $30 for a human-like robot, but instead legs, you’ll have a robot that moves on wheels.

And how do you control it?

It is simple to control WireBeings. If you want to control it remotely, you need an Android device or a laptop. If you choose to send voice commands to the robot, just be sure that you have a smartphone attach to the robot.

The humanoid robot can’t do too much right from the box. It is designed with an ultrasonic sensor located in the chest. So it can avoid obstacles, and that’s all. But since the robot has an expandable chassis, you can add more sensors, actuators and modules. As an example, it allows the addition of up to five servos for more degrees of freedom, up to three shields and three mini breadboards. Bonus, it is compatible with most Arduino boards.

All STL. files, instructions and sketches are available here for free.

As a conclusion, WireBeings is easy to build, well engineered, a splendid base for an Arduino humanoid robot and without a doubt: superb value for money.



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