XBOT Is The Dronyx’s Vision For An All-Terrain Tracked Robot

The XBOT is Dronyx’s all-terrain tracked robot vision more fully realized: A robust robot for multiple applications, intended for open source development, easy to use and control.

The tracked robot claims to be a great choice for rapid prototyping in a large variety of fields. The applications depend on the tools attached to the robot, ranging from general agricultural tasks to particular jobs such as cleaning the beach.

Unlike some other competing products, its adaptive electric differential locomotion system includes two tracks that offer a great traction even on rugged terrain.

The XBOT is a mobile robot that is shipped assembled and ready to work straight from the box. Sure, XBOT has a price tag that requires a new credit card – $10,900.

You can interface the XBOT via cross-platform using Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Apple Macintosh. With support for Robot Operating System (ROS), it’s a good platform that can be easily controlled via C/C++ Open Source APIs. This looks good since you can integrate your own sensors and equipments.

With a weight of 500Kg, the robot can reach speeds of up to 3 kilometers per hour and allows a maximum payload in rough conditions of 350 Kg.

Most importantly, the tracked robot has support for a large number of interfaces. We can include here the support for USB, RS-232, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, CAN bus, and a series of analog and digital I/O pins.

The remote controller is a Futaba RC transmitter with a maximum range of 150 meters.

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